A Florida jury recently awarded the family of a 22 year old car salesman $13.7 million in a wrongful death car accident lawsuit. The salesman took three men out to test drive a powerful BMW and was killed when the driver acted recklessly and crashed the car into a light pole.

Florida car accident

This tragic Florida car accident involved 22 year old Roger Czapski. According to news reports, Czapski was a BMW car salesman with aspirations of owning his own dealership. Unfortunately, that dream ended in 2004 when he took Christopher Maher and two friends for a test drive in a BMW 530i. While on the test drive, Maher drove the powerful car over 90 mph through a busy suburban road that had a posted speed limit of 45 mph. The BMW hit another car and burst into flames after crashing into a light pole – killing Maher.

Ironically, the driver and his friends survived. His family sued Maher and their Florida car accident attorney was able to show that Maher was at fault for Czapski’s wrongful death even though the defense tried to prove otherwise. A jury awarded Czapski’s family $13.7 million.


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