It is not a good idea to name a beneficiary for your insurance in your will. This adds an unnecessary level of administration and expense as insurance proceeds become caught up in the probate process. Because life insurance proceeds generally pass to your beneficiaries free of the claims of your creditors, passing insurance proceeds through your will may unnecessarily subject your life insurance proceeds to your estate’s debts. Currently, you may contact your insurance company to ask for a beneficiary form on which you name your life insurance beneficiaries. If your life insurance is part of your employer’s benefit plan, your employer may provide you with insurance beneficiary forms. With the forms from your insurance company or employer, you may name the beneficiaries of your choice and file the new beneficiary designation with the insurance company or with your employer. Do not forget to ask for written confirmation that the form was received and properly filed. In the event of your death, the insurance company would pay the insurance proceeds directly to the beneficiaries you have named without having your beneficiaries going through the delay, expense, and trouble of probate.

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