UntitledInsurance is not the simplest thing in the world to understand.

Policies can be confusing; the claims process daunting and the subject intimidating. In addition to this, insurance company representatives, with their superior knowledge and experience, can run rings around the average policyholder.

This situation is no accident.

The more confused you are, and the less you know, the more difficult and confusing the purchasing or claims process is. We help to change all of that by giving you the ability to protect yourself from the people you are paying to protect you.

Insurance Problems Can Mean Financial Disaster Your Family.

Consider these real-life situations:

The first thing you need to do is to give yourself a fast education in insurance law. At this point you may be thinking: “If I wanted to be an insurance nerd, I would have gone to law school.” That’s OK. You don’t have to go that far. But you would be shocked at how the entire tone of a conversation with an insurance rep changes when you say something like: “But I thought ambiguous provisions in a policy had to be interpreted in favor of the policyholder.”

It’s really a shame that so many consumers wind up being taken advantage of, either at the time of sale or with a claim. Our goal is to help change that. If you have any Questions, please let us know by Ask The Attorney or you may call our office at 772-334-4810, 772-220-2088 or emailing us at WFG@Galleselaw.com.


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